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Buska Retirement Solutions, Inc. is a local, family built firm. The Buska history goes back a long way in this industry, dating back to Joseph Buska Sr. in 1939. Joseph opened Buska & Buska Insurance over 75 years ago, and his son Joseph Buska Jr. operated the firm after his father until a few years ago when his other daughter’s took ownership to carry on the family tradition. Suzanne Buska started working for her father, Joseph Buska Jr. at Buska & Buska Insurance as a specialist in retirement benefits in 1980. In 1992, Suzanne opened her own firm and branched off from her father to focus on retirement income planning. She then began offering a more wide variety of investment and insurance products. Her oldest son Cole, the 4th generation of the family, is now working for her firm as a retirement planning specialist and is the Vice President.┬áTheir main focus is to work very closely with their clients to help identify their retirement needs and determine the best strategies and solutions to help meet and exceed those needs.
Our personal mission is to help pre-retirees and retirees achieve financial security so they can enjoy their retirement and all of the benefits that come along with it. This is accomplished by providing the most up-to-date education to her clients and creating a personalized retirement plan for each individual. We offer a customized plan to meet every clients needs.

We have assisted thousands of people in reducing their taxes, especially on their social security, increasing their monthly income, as well as growing and preserving their retirement “nest egg” that they have worked so hard to accumulate. We are able to address all issues that may affect seniors during their retirement years, whether it’s nursing home protection, earning an income they can never outlive or investment management strategies.

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